HTML report

The results of pemcoupling and pemcoupling-composite are summarized in HTML reports. A report is generated for each injection subdirectory and in the composite coupling functions subdirectory. This page shows examples these summary pages.

pemcoupling report


The pemcoupling report links to the config file used to analyze the injection, ratio plots (if generated) showing injection-to-background ratios for all channels, and coupling function data and plots. The channel rows are colored accordingly:

Color Meaning
Green Channel produced coupling functions without issues
Yellow Channel produced coupling functions but was not given calibration data, so no calibrated coupling function is shown
Orange Channel did not produce coupling functions nor upper limits (usually because the injection was not witnessed by the channel)
Red Channel did not produce coupling functions because it was saturated by the injection (and ignore_saturated option in the config was set to true) or because it was not found on NDS2 (i.e. the channel does not exist)

pemcoupling-composite report


The pemcoupling-composite report shows links to all composite coupling functions and estimated ambients, with rows colored based on how close to the DARM background the estimated ambient is. The extreme cases are tabulated below.

Color Meaning
White \(\textrm{max(estimated ambient)} / \textrm{DARM} \leq 0.1\)
Red \(\textrm{max(estimated ambient)} / \textrm{DARM} \geq 1\)