Configuring pemcouplingΒΆ

Running pemcoupling, pemcoupling-composite, and pemcoupling-sitewide always requires pointing to the desired configuration file. A default config file is provided in the source code as config_files/config-lho.ini and config_files/config-llo.ini for LHO and LLO, respectively. These can be copied and edited to your liking.

The [darm] section handles the choice of the GW channel and its calibration. Calibration files config_files/darmcalLHO.txt and config_files/darmcalLLO.txt are provided, but make sure they are linked to properly from the location of config.ini.

The analysis portion of the configuration file is split into sections. In the above example, the [MAG] section covers analysis options and channel info for magnetometer channels, the [ACC] section for accelerometers, and so on. You can make your own sections or modify the existing ones.

The reference configuration file explains each config option found in these files.